Along the forgotten tracks

In summer 2017, I was visiting Pori with a friend, and I got a chance to drive a handcar along abandoned railroadtracks here . This had been my dream for some years and it was worth it! Despite of maybe the hottest day of the summer. This is to remind me that once in a while I actually do stuff and visit places – not only think about doing and going. I need to kick myself a bit, but most of the time it is worth it.

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Reduced autumn colors

Another post from the Lapland pictures, from one year ago. I went to see the autumn colors, but for most of the time there was a thick fog making everything gray. And even the pictures with colors seem to be more impressive when reduced to black-and-white.






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The beauty in failure

Some failed bird photographs which, after playing with them, turned out to be some of my favorites taken in Lapland one year ago. Maybe the most interesting bird pictures I have ever taken.




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Visiting abandoned stone castle

I had long planned to visit the stone castle in Pasila, but managed only now that I read a news article about the construction work of the area being a threat to this installation. The castle was enclosed by a fence some years ago because the city of Helsinki did not want to be in charge of possible accidents.

It has been a beautiful autumn and so was the day when I visited the site. This was already couple weeks ago, so the leaves are still green. How would have been to live in this place? I would have loved the trees and the light, at least at this time of year, but to have no privacy from people passing by and entering without permission, that I would have been unbearable.



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Summary of summer

For once an update focusing on present! Or at least very recent past.

In short: summer was too hot to do anything. Too hot to even think. It is still warm, almost 20 degrees during daytime but next week the temperatures will drop so now it is officially the end of summer.

So what did I do? Not much… There were several dogs, besides my ow, that I took care of. One of them my dad’s new puppy (and Sumu under her in the picture).


After mid-July I got a holiday from dogs and took a small cruise outside of Helsinki with a friend. Seeing Suomenlinna from a bit different angle was, well not fascinating, but somewhat nice (at least it looks like summer!).


Together with my, hmm, new guy, we went to Porvoo by M/S Runeberg (note the very summery clouds here as well).


There was Porvoo Pride going on and a somewhat disturbing statue.


We also visited Tallinn, but apparently I took no photos. I have been aiming towards not taking too many as I’m constantly behind in dealing with them but looking at the pictures I took during this summer, maybe I could take some more…

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Self-portrait on the wall

Shapes and shadows from my previous apartment just before I packed everything and moved out. I’m thankful I’m not living there during this extremely hot summer as the apartment got hot (over 30 degrees) even with milder temperatures (below 25).


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I don’t feel, I don’t lie, but what if I forgot?

Example of a picture I don’t remember taking. I don’t even remember where this was, but I assume it must have been Vartiokylän linnavuori where there’s some old structures build for defending the city (or place, as it is assumed to have been there at the time of Vikings, before any city existed).

I probably walked there with my dog when I was waiting for the renovations of my new apartment to be finished and lived a short period of time at my parents place in November-December 2016.


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Their majesties: the Ocean, the Crow and the Bridge


I have finally seen the Pacific Ocean! From the western coast, Oregon. It was quite like an ocean: it smelled salty and the swell made familiar, calming, sounds. I don’t remember it looking this magical though…

There seemed to be no seagulls though, just this crow. Somehow I love the simple, earthly, colors in this picture.


The city of Portland could be characterized by its bridges. Quite majestic, from this angle at least.


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My fascination with reflections, part XVII


This is from last summer, Liesjärvi national park. I took several others during the trip but this is my favorite at the moment.


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Black things living in pink graveyards

Paris in late April was quite lovely. I was afraid I would have become too old and peace loving for big cities as I disliked Barcelona so much last year – only because of its traffic – but Paris was in fact peaceful and quiet. Especially the Montmartre cemetery.

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