Their majesties: the Ocean, the Crow and the Bridge


I have finally seen the Pacific Ocean! From the western coast, Oregon. It was quite like an ocean: it smelled salty and the swell made familiar, calming, sounds. I don’t remember it looking this magical though…

There seemed to be no seagulls though, just this crow. Somehow I love the simple, earthly, colors in this picture.


The city of Portland could be characterized by its bridges. Quite majestic, from this angle at least.


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My fascination with reflections, part XVII


This is from last summer, Liesjärvi national park. I took several others during the trip but this is my favorite at the moment.


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Black things living in pink graveyards

Paris in late April was quite lovely. I was afraid I would have become too old and peace loving for big cities as I disliked Barcelona so much last year – only because of its traffic – but Paris was in fact peaceful and quiet. Especially the Montmartre cemetery.

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Walking in mud during low tide

I spent the entire March working in Germany and really enjoyed it. Mostly having colleagues and encouraging environment where it felt that people were interested in what I did. And I felt loved. Maybe I got really depressed when I returned home as I realized I was alone again – and that no one cared. It felt like walking in mud, during the low tide in northwestern coast of Germany.

Returning towards the open sea.

While others stayed until sunset to enjoy the easy catch caught in the puddles.

Now I’m feeling that I’m free in my solitude. I have no obligations, I have no responsibilities towards anyone but myself. Maybe not good state to be forever, but for now I enjoy this.

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Notes of (on) my life

Dusty, untouched piano, and dead tunes, somewhere so far north that the world should be preserved only for wild-life, not humans.


The painting of my soul, the meandering of water shaping the environment, spreading the colors, disturbed by straight lines drawn by humans.


These photographs (taken last summer in Svalbard) capture my sadness at the moment, the underlying change and strenght behind the primary expression of stillness and solitude.

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Snow, chocolate, dogs = Easter

Still no update on my travels, but it is on my to-do-list!


Just after I returned home, and just before Easter, a new Vyborg dog arrived, a brother to the previous one, as she was so lovely. And he is too.

I don’t mind the snow like other people seem to, but I’m a bit worried about the birds coming here.

My friend painted me an Easter animal (the broken ones are from previous year) and my mom had grown some Easter grass for me while I was in germany.

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Remember the darkness

I have been busy with travels and work – I will update something on those later, now just a quick one to keep this going before I give up again. This is to remember and acknowledge the darkness within me, and everyone else, and especially the beauty in it. Darkness brings peace and condolence. Now another summer with its harsh light is approaching and I will surely miss the embracing darkness. This is my home street since December 2016, a bit over one year now. The picture is taken in October 2017.

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Supercomputing Gaudi

Last summer I also visited Barcelona for work. I didn’t have time to see Gaudi buildings but managed to take a few shitty photographs that I manipulated to look… photoshopped? Maybe I didn’t get the feeling of the city, but it was way too loud and crowded for me – even further away of the city center where my hotel and the Super Computing Center were.


I walked (yes: I WALKED. And yes, I know now that Barcelona is too big and way too crowded with cars to have a relaxing walk) to The Church straight from the airport, afraid that there wouldn’t be a chance after that. The church reminded me of a giant nest of ants, with ants replaced by humans.


A fragment of the statue of Columbus, if I remember correctly. The huge one by the harbor.

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The impact of nature on nature through the human eyes

I was going through my old photographs – or ”old” as they were from last summer, only 6 months ago – and found myself surprised of how much I traveled and how much I forgot of these travels. First of all, I was on R/V Aranda for a few days. The trip was quite extraordinary as we stayed really close to the shore, in very shallow waters, placing some cages filled with sea shells in the vicinity of the mines from WWII in order to study how the deteriorating mines influence the life in the sea. So many of the  CTD casts I took were only 6(!) meters in depth. In addition, there were not as many photos of the sea as usually, but pictures of land!


This is an island on which all the trees are dead due to the shit loads from great cormorants (merimetso) that the people blame on destroying the nature. But guess what…


…the humans have a much greater impact on the view! This picture is taken from the same spot as the previous, just a bit different direction.


At the same spot there was also a nest of an osprey (sääksi) and the habitant of the nest him/herself circling around (only seagulls captured in this photograph).

Because this time Aranda travelled from Helsinki to Vaasa, where part of the crew (me too) was exchanged, I visited my two cousins living there.


With the other one we visited Merenkurkku archipelago where the land uplift is still influencing the environment.


There were swans everywhere! This is from the Söderfjärden crater.


My other cousin is a judge and he showed me around the Royal Court (Hovioikeus).

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In the company of a Dog

This week I was again a lazy photographer: I went for a walk in the Hietaniemi cemetery with my friend and as I’m pretty shy in taking pictures and like to enjoy company when I have some, I decided not to take my camera. We went to see the graves of the deceased presidents Koivisto, Kekkonen, Relander, Ryti, Mannerheim… I had not visited those before (actually, I hadn’t visited the cemetery after my blog post in October 2012), so I could say it was time, although there were other more interesting things that would have inspired me to take photos if I had had my camera with me.

Instead I tried to take pictures of a rescue dog that I have been taking care of for six weeks now. She is way too black for photographs! In addition she moves way too quickly for the current light to be sufficient for capturing her.


Stealing my mitten, finding a stick and showing her teeth – pretty much all you can distinguish in the blackness against the white ground.


Almost still for a moment between the jumps, just the tail and ears are out of focus :D.

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