Cosmic spiderwebs

On Saturday I went to Taidehalli, with no idea what was the current exhibition, only my unconsciousness telling me there would be something interesting. And there was spiders! In glass showcases spiders from different continents were supposed to make hybrid webs, in open space the Finnish spiders were making their webs… or trying to figure out how to escape the space surrounded by water (afterwards I read that many of them had succeeded).

And then there was a man made web, a copy of a work done by a Black Widow, 16 times larger than in reality.

The cosmic web, made by a black widow and copied by Tomas Saraceno


Just when I was about to take a picture of this girl and her orange dress (her back facing me) her mom called her to get out of my picture and she turned around. Her friend had just moved out of the picture, which was good, since she was wearing some disturbing colors.

The exhibition also included a table covered with papers with coordinates to all the knots. I would be able to make that kind of art by printing all my data. Unfortunately I took no more pictures, there were no camera -signs on all walls and guards lurking everywhere. The big black web got photographed only because some lady asked if she could take a picture and I thought that the gained permission applied to all the others as well. I myself would never dare to approach strangers and bother them with such questions.


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