Cloudy Sunday, two days ago

As I went to swim in the Kumpula outdoor swimming pool I walked through the area with old wooden houses. I certainly would have taken more pictures but the cars were ruining the otherwise charming view of the streets.

I finally captured the highly creative cat ramp that I have passed so many times.

Oh no, the stupid cars also kill hedgehogs! Just get rid of the cars and you won’t need signs like this!

Afterwards I was going to the café in Kumpula botanical garden to write my diary and read some magazines. Instead I run into this pop up restaurant just outside of the botanical garden (it was the national Restaurant Day).

Empty table with nice color combination but the restauranteurs had a strategy…

…and they made me sit with these strange old ladies.

And what a charming bunch of old ladies they were! One of them kept complaining about the lack of berries and mushrooms in the forest. She was actually saying that the number of people hoarding and robbing the forests were increasing year by year! And in six hours spent in the Nuuksio national park she had found only 10 litres of chantarelles! The other ladies did not say anything to this, so I tried to explain how much blueberries and chantarelles and wood hedgehogs there were in Nuuksio some weeks ago when I visited it, and that I didn’t even have time to pick them all, busy as I was, wondering around, swimming and getting lost, in the end getting just 2 litres of mushrooms.

It left me sad, the beastly selfishness of people. The pure stupidity of never realizing that you could be the one to blame for hoarding and robbing and not leaving anything for others. Nothing is ever enough.


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