Another Sunday, with sun, ten days ago

I was selling some of my (or rather: my mom’s and sister’s) old stuff at a flea market organized by an outdoor summer café Suksii in Fredrikintori. I was accompanied by a friend so it was much more like sitting in a café for six hours, getting head full of sunshine and talking to strangers. I actually got rid of some extra junk, bought a little too, didn’t get rich. Quite a pleasant day.

The colors in bright sunlight!

The old and original Jopo bicycle.

A quite fascinating Spanish twins (or a couple? with a male photographer?) with purple in their hair and skull earrings. They were looking at the goods in the neighbouring table, kept by a fascinating artist. Unfortunately I was too shy to try to take a better shot with both of them and earrings (or the artist lady sitting next to us) so this has to do.

Some lady walked into my picture as I was trying to photograph the café and its lovely details: the candlestick and the old radio, which were both tried to be bought by customers but the owner didn’t want to give them up.


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A place to organize my memories and photographs. Memories might get transformed over time: I have no internet access home so there will always be a time lag in updates - and there will also be some memories from the past to mess up the chronology.
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