Friday night dance

I forgot to charge the battery of my newer and better camera, so there was only my old and shitty one available as I went with my friend to a Friday night dance party held in the middle of old buildings in the center of the railroad tracks in Pasila, organized by Dodo and Kääntöpöytä summer cafeteria. It was cloudy and rainy and the nights are growing dark: there was not enough light for my poor camera to function without the flash. The few pictures I took were awful and I had to do something to them to hide their unbearable ugliness.

This is the place, the green house and cafeteria in the back, the tables and party tent in front, packed with people as it was raining a little.

There was some tomatoes inside the green house, some green and some red, although in this picture more purple.

And a very nice baking oven for bread (in the back) and barbecue for the vegetarian sausages (in the front).

An old fashioned train passing the barbecue place, I had to be fast but my camera wasn’t as it was getting dark, so the framing sucks and I didn’t catch much of the train.

Silhouette of the western Pasila, as seen in the middle of the railroad tracks.

Experiment number 2.

The tower (for some mobile company, I guess) in the East Pasila, in front the old red brick buildings for the railroad stuff.

The hands up in the air! Didn’t see much of the band playing…

It was crowded in the tent. Very lovely atmosphere, but we were headed for a swim in the moonlight… lurking somewhere above the clouds.

The party, one picture without flash and without modifications. It took maybe 15 seconds for my camera to take this picture.

I surely hope I have a chance to take some more pictures of the wonderful old red brick buildings before they tear them apart and build skyscrapers… I don’t know exactly where they are building them, but I hope not here. But knowing the past progress they have been making in this city, they are likely to save one or two and the, after some years, decide to get rid of them also.


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