Moscow in April

Early April, colder than usual, still snow on the ground and hardly any sunshine, fortunately, as the rain made the air easy to breathe (can imagine it can get very bad). Because it was so rainy and gray that I decided to turn all the pictures black and white. It didn’t make much difference, only smoothed away some of the dirtiest shades of gray.

The patriarch bridge.

The patriarch bridge again. It one of the few places where we had time to take pictures – and I liked the rainy view of Moscow.

A pigeon freezing.

There was sun! And clean snow! And shadows! In the outskirts of Moscow, near a children’s hospital we visited.

A tree in the Sparrow Hills.

The famous view of Moscow from the Sparrow Hills. I know most people would have hoped for a clear day to visit the hills, but for me this was perfection, only a bit too could to stay outside for a long time.

Urban landscape. Very common in Moscow.

Another common view in Moscow. This is taken from the yard of the house of Tolstoy (but is not the house of Tolstoy).

Some black and white graffiti. I adore the imaginative way to build pipes for old buildings, what a beautiful frame they make for the graffiti.

Someone’s head is a nice but totally accidental detail in this picture.

The sun casting long shadows in the Red Square.

No pictures of any of the cathedrals we saw or visited? No pictures from museums? I’m a bit surprised myself. The cathedrals were true spots of color in the grayness.


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