Cat houses, famous and not

I’m always at least one week late in updating, so here’s last week’s story:

I went to eat lunch in Kipsari and walked past the unknown (at least to me) cat house in Helsinki.

A close up of one of the gate holders.

In July, I visited Riga and saw their famous cat house.

The building was too high to take a nice picture of the cats on top of it.

I also saw the infamous cat house in Riga.

I had no food for him, just the stupid camera.

I was a bit surprised to run into a cat house in Tallinn, by chance, there was nothing of it in the tourist guide.

This is not a cat, I think.

It was not a cat house, but a zoo for animal statues!

This was a bit earlier in Wroclaw. Live cats in a yard, with my shitty camera not working too well in evening light.


About mufinki

A place to organize my memories and photographs. Memories might get transformed over time: I have no internet access home so there will always be a time lag in updates - and there will also be some memories from the past to mess up the chronology.
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