May light

I’ve been busy with preparing to workshops and writing grant applications and as the weather has been quite cloudy, there has not been many occasions to take pictures with nice light. Okay, yesterday was a bright day, but I visited practically the same places as last weekend. In addition, I watched a documentary on cinema. It claimed that the Scandinavians invented the ”the cinema of light” because of the magnificent light we have here. Yes, it’s true – when we have the light. So here’s a reminder from last spring.

In April or May I visited the newly annexed territory of Helsinki, the easternmost part of the capital: Landbo. There were also a friend and dogs and some birds and signs of nature waking up but I just wanted to remember this, not the crappy pictures.

One morning walk in Mustikkamaa beach, no one else was there to witness the wonderful light.

Okay, I couldn’t decide which one of these to choose…

… one more: a close up!


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A place to organize my memories and photographs. Memories might get transformed over time: I have no internet access home so there will always be a time lag in updates - and there will also be some memories from the past to mess up the chronology.
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