One day one year ago

Okay, I know this is getting boring; the idea of diary is to update what is going on in my life now. But nothing is really going on and I’m only inspired by my work, not taking pictures. So here is what happened one year ago, in October, when the light was so beautiful in the morning that I decided to take my camera for a walk. Last autumn was quite rainy and cloudy, like this year so far, so the rarity of the occasion made the light even more precious. The air was colder than now, as one can see from the foggy breath, and there was no leaves in the trees – or only yellow ones – the trees are still almost all green. The autumn will come so quickly, just one month and the greenness will be gone (and do I need to say I will love it?)


About mufinki

A place to organize my memories and photographs. Memories might get transformed over time: I have no internet access home so there will always be a time lag in updates - and there will also be some memories from the past to mess up the chronology.
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