Autumn at the cemetery

Yesterday I had to take some documents to the agency responsible for renting the apartments owned by the city. It was quite an experience: the people in line with me considered themselves so fortunate for getting an apartment that I felt like I wasn’t really in need of one of the cheap apartments. They also represented the not-so-fortunate of the population, emigrants, uneducated, people with not-too-healthy habits… On the background one of the officials kept telling someone on the phone that it doesn’t help to call to the agency every day… After this I felt more privileged, for both my new apartment and my ”higher class” status. However, this episode had little to do with the following photos; the agency was close by the largest and oldest (?) cemetery in Helsinki, Hietalahti, which I had never visited although I have for more than ten years thought about doing so. So, after I had spent the past week in Italy, 20 degrees warmer than here, I appreciated the cool brisk autumn air and the smell of moist earth more than usually.

I would be happy to rest under the yellow trees.

In the cemetery I ran into a man, judged by his outfit (blue adidas jogging suit) to belong to the same lower class than the people in the rental agency, who told me that I had a beautiful autumn-look. More than the compliment, I was pleased by the not-so-common Finnish tradition of talking to strangers on the street.


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