Holiday pictures taken while working

A workshop in Italy, two main themes of pictures:

1) The sea. Always important for both holidays and for work. It looks quite similar wherever you are.

2) The colorful houses, with clothes drying on the balcony. Always interesting for a person living in a country with so many restrictions as Finland, where you are not allowed to spoil anyone’s view by hanging colorful things, such as clothes or flowers, on your balcony.

There were couple of occasions when I really wanted to take pictures of people, but unfortunately they were always facing me and I didn’t dare to.

The sun was sinking into the Mediterranean Sea around 7pm.

Another almost postcard picture, I waited forever to get one without people, but after all, I found the one with people more interesting.

Very organized and beautiful formation of different types of boats in the harbor.

Splash! A view down from the castle of Lerici.

Mediterranean Sea seen from Portovenere.

The castle in Portovenere.

Walking tour in the bushes of some island outside of Portovenere.

On that island, there was really nothing else to take pictures of than the plants (but I do like the brightness of the whiteness here).

Painted wall.

The picture I like the best from the trip: the cat of the hotel I was staying, I was in a hurry taking the picture because I thought the cat was running away, so I had no time to change any settings of my camera though it was already getting dark. I like the gray and foggy look of it, a stray cat wondering the abandoned streets by night.


About mufinki

A place to organize my memories and photographs. Memories might get transformed over time: I have no internet access home so there will always be a time lag in updates - and there will also be some memories from the past to mess up the chronology.
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