The impact of nature on nature through the human eyes

I was going through my old photographs – or ”old” as they were from last summer, only 6 months ago – and found myself surprised of how much I traveled and how much I forgot of these travels. First of all, I was on R/V Aranda for a few days. The trip was quite extraordinary as we stayed really close to the shore, in very shallow waters, placing some cages filled with sea shells in the vicinity of the mines from WWII in order to study how the deteriorating mines influence the life in the sea. So many of the  CTD casts I took were only 6(!) meters in depth. In addition, there were not as many photos of the sea as usually, but pictures of land!

In the first picture is an island on which all the trees are dead due to the shit loads from great cormorants (merimetso) that the people blame on destroying the nature. But guess what…


…the humans have a much greater impact on the view! This picture is taken from the same spot as the previous, just a bit different direction.


At the same spot there was also a nest of an osprey (sääksi) and the habitant of the nest him/herself circling around (only seagulls captured in this photograph).


Because this time Aranda travelled from Helsinki to Vaasa, where part of the crew (me too) was exchanged, I visited my two cousins living there.

With the other one we visited Merenkurkku archipelago where the land uplift is still influencing the environment.


There were swans everywhere! This is from the Söderfjärden crater. (Trying to take the Finland 100th birthday picture.)


My other cousin is a judge and he showed me around the Royal Court (Hovioikeus).




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